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USED by meticulous owner--MEADE  ETX125 Maksutov- Cassegrain Telescope excellent with many extras. Condition is Used. Shipped Fed Ex Ground.
Came from the family of a perfectionist who worked at the Los Alamos Natl Lab.  Everything in the house was meticulously cared for--he was that kind of guy.  This is an older model--probably about 2003.The Main photo is a stock image--see the others for the actual thing.Has all the manuals. many extra downloads, software, everything's there.  Today the standard model costs $700on sale pretty much everywhere. However this one goes a bit  beyond the standard item
   -- It has the DELUXE field tripod  (not sure how much this costs but it's MUCH better than the standard tripod --    Instead of the  of the standard 2 eyepieces it has a total of of SIX  6.4 mm                                                                                                                  9.7 mm                                                                                                               12.4 mm                                                                                                                15 mm                                                                                                                26  mm                                                                                                                2 x Barlow                                                                                                                plus a moon filter  Addl cost today abt $150-$200                                                                                                                plus a high grade  alum. case for the above lenses                                                                                                                
                                                                       In all, the additional cost of the above today would be about  $200                                                                       not counting whatever the heavy-duty tripod would add--so it's a                                                                       lightly used version of what would be about a $900 thing new
I haven't set it up but everything looks perfect and would be warrantied by UPS regardless  The one exception is that one of the adjustment screws on the tripod has a bit of a bend in it--it works fine as is and could probably be made straight again if it bothered you--or a replacement couldn't cost more than a few dollars if you wanted perfection (totally understand).
I believe this model came out in 1999 and has been an industry standard ever since.  There were a few bugs in the first few that were immediately worked out by Meade in the same year.  I highly, highly doubt there are any intrinsic problems with this one as it's several years newer than 1999--I doubt the original owner would have tolerated it anyway. 
Shipping to the lower 48 states would cost about $65 by best guess--if it were more we'd cover the difference--if less we'd refund the difference.  Different story for Alaska, Hawai'i or international.  Message us for a quote if that's the case..

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