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Polarizing Filter 1.25" Set 1%-40% Orion NEW

Dim the sky any amount between 1-40% to reduce
the light pollution by bright objects or to look at the details of bright
objects, e.g. the full moon.

·  The Orion Variable Polarizing eyepiece filter
acts like a dimmer switch for your telescope, to tone down brightness and
accentuate contrast of bright celestial objects

·  Gives you much finer control of the image
brightness compared to a standard fixed-transmission telescope eyepiece filter
for optimal performance

·  Adjust the amount of light transmission from
1% to 40% by rotating the eyepiece filter housing

·  Consists of two high-grade glass polarizing
filters in an 1.25" rotating anodized aluminum cell

·  Threaded for use with any Orion 1.25"
telescope eyepiece equipped with filter threads

Here's a brief summary describing some of the planetary features
each color eyepiece filter will help enhance:

The Moon is one of the most enticing targets to view in the
night sky. Thanks to its big, bright appearance and intriguing landscape
features, the Moon is a favored sight by amateur astronomers all over the
world. The Moon is in fact so bright with reflected sunlight, especially during
a Full Moon, that it can overwhelm astronomers with distracting and view-degrading
glare. The specialized 1.25” Orion Variable Polarizing Filter for 1.25”
telescope eyepieces provides an elegant solution by toning down the brightness
of the lunar surface so you can enjoy optimized contrast in each and every view
of our nearest neighbor in the solar system.  


This versatile 1.25" Orion Variable Polarizing Filter acts
like a dimmer switch for your 1.25” telescope eyepiece, toning down the
brightness of the Moon and even planets to a comfortable level. Not only does
this dimming provide a more comfortable view, it also helps to enhance contrast
of interesting lunar features such as mare (or “seas”), mountains, valleys, and
of course all those stunning craters. Reducing the overall brightness of the
Moon helps reveal more surface details so you get the most out of each view.


The 1.25” Orion Variable Polarizing filter consists of two
high-grade glass polarizing filters securely held in a rotating telescope
eyepiece filter cell that allows you to vary the amount of light transmission
over a wide range from 1% to 40%. Such control is highly desirable for lunar
observing because the Moon’s brightness varies with its phase and with the
aperture and magnification of the telescope you are using. For example, to view
the Full Moon with any degree of clarity would require a significant amount of
dimming, closer to the 1% transmission limit. On the other hand, when the Moon
is a thin, waning crescent in the night sky, you’ll get the best results with
minimal darkening, closer to 40% transmission. The Variable Polarizing Filter
won’t change the Moon’s natural color, so your views will simply be optimized,
not altogether altered.


The anodized aluminum eyepiece filter
cell threads into the barrel of any Orion 1.25" telescope eyepiece, and
fits most other brands of telescope eyepieces too. Includes a durable plastic
storage case.

Get the 1.25” Orion Variable Polarizing Filter today and see fine
surface details of any phase of the Moon like never before!




Filter 1.25" (Number=2) Mounted and can be screwed on top of each
other or can be put into the eyepiece on its own.

Round Plastic BOX + Original Orion
paper box

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