Veiw Zoom

What do you think about google street veiw map ???

or other maps like that ???
i heard about it on news chanel today

Where u can just type in your a address or any location and its shows you pictures or an ariel veiw of it

so i typed in my adress thinking that it wouldnt be there
but sure enough there was my house
now the image didnt zoom close enough to see anything exept the top of the house or the outside

but i still dont like the idea of it
that anybody can just look at my house

are they aloud to take pictures of your house without your permission ????
and is it an invasion of privacy ????

***i heard about it on a news chanel today

Anybody already can look at your house. All they have to do is drive by.

Anyone who knows anything about computers can see everywhere you go on the internet by pulling your IP address.

Anyone that does business with any company that you have a credit card, debit card, preferred customer card, etc knows all of your buying habbits.

Basically, everything in our lives is a tracking device of some sort. If you dont like it, you need to crawl in a hole and never come out.

Beyond that, things like this have been out for a very long time. Before they had street view, they had over head pictures of most areas, and they and others like that have been out for years.

If you are going to be all big brother about it, atleast be a lil educated.

Rollin' In The Rear View (Just the music not the DRH scene)

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