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What kind of bird is this?

This morning I woke to this bird outside my window going ""chaaay, chi eeee" its makes two chirps and has a very loud voice, like a mockingbird's. I tried to get some photos of it, my camera isn't that great though. also it didn't turn around for me so all I got is photos of its back. it has a white furry chest.
3MP, Samsung L100 Digital Camera
first shot at 2X
2nd and third shots taken thru a10X binoculars for a total of 20X zoom'
the bird was on the top of a small pine, approx 22 yards away.

well, it might be a flycatcher. one of the kingbirds maybe. location wouldn't hurt. here's a library of sound:

Oct 29 2008 - Flip video zoom (binoculars)

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