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Excellent condition, 1949 Bausch & Lomb Zephyr 9x35 Binoculars. The binoculars are in mint condition. They are incredibly clean and the optics are incredibly clear and free of any fog or fungus. The binoculars have an attached leather strap which is still in great condition. I tried to take a couple of pictures down each objective lens to show how clear and clean things are on the inside of the binocular. It appears that these were hardly used at all by the previous owner - who said that they had bought it for birdwatching a long time ago. 

The original leather case (with intact strap) and cardboard box with partially hand lettered serial number are included. The leather case and strap are in excellent condition while the cardboard box has some wear and a partial (approximately 2 inch) tear on one side. The serial number on the box is CY3397 which means that the binoculars were manufactured in 1949 in Rochester, NY. The B&L binoculars manufactured in NY are more highly regarded and sought after than the binoculars that were manufactured later in Japan. 
I'm not an expert on binoculars, but I believe that this pair could benefit from a very slight collimation. When I look through the eyepieces everything is clear, but my eyes feel a bit strained. It could be that I just have a big head and someone with a smaller pupillary distance would have no difficulty. I have not touched or attempted to collimate any of the lenses as this set is too valuable for my unexperienced hands to mess with. 
These binoculars are highly regarded in the astronomy community for their crisp and clear views of the night sky. The Zephyr 9X35 like the other Zephyrs from Bausch and Lomb is a lovely binocular to use. It carries and fits the hand well, is lightweight, focuses smoothly with an easily acquired and comfortable view which is sharp, bright and color neutral. An indicator of how popular these models were during their time and the extent of their manufacture is that the 9X35 and 8X30 Zephyrs are today the most difficult to find while the 6X30 although certainly not rare is not seen as frequently as the 7X35 which is often available on eBay. 
Shipped, well packaged, with USPS Priority Mail.

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