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This is my original orange tube C14 F11 154" focal length schmidt
cassegrain telescope. Made in the USA Torrance California.  Marvelous telescope but too big for my current
health status. Optical tube weights about 45 pounds. These C14 were and
are great telescopes combining large closed tube aperture with short
tube portability. This is an early model from the 70s when the masters
were still fresh. Great optics planetary and fantastic deep sky reach.
At an altitude of 9000 feet galaxies look like professional photos. This
is a basic unit not much in the way of accessories. Both of the sliding
counterweight rods are on the tube but no counterweights. Does have the
2" visual back, 1.25" adapter, and 1.25" vintage celestron diagonal. No
finder and no metal dust cap. I believe I have a vinyl dust cover for
it. I have priced it accordingly. Nice condition clean optics, some
scratches on the tube and one small shallow dent as shown in picture.

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