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I have been previously a member of Squidoo for 2 years and have never made over 1.Double zero a month on Blogger which is not surprising since I have published less than 10 lenses during that time. But I are determined its time to change that will so here is my very own personal 365 Squidoo aim. How much money can I help make on Squidoo within the next year Can I attain my goals I do think that with enough work it is possible and I prefer to spend the next 12 months finding out. I am causeing this to be lens not only as a record for myself although hopefully it will in case successful encourage individuals that want to make money with Squidoo.
This is what I plan to do..
I will build as many lenses as I can at that time period my goal reaches least one contact lens a day. That would supply 365 lenses by this time next year
I will keep take note of what I do for each and every lens how I promote it etc
I will upgrade this page each month with my earnings and any new methods I have tried. Vintage telephoto mirror lenses
Start night out 11082011 .... End date 11082012
Hope me luck

Contact lenses Published - 31

My Objectives to Make Money on Reddit

Here is my recent list of goals pertaining to my personal challenge..
Publish at least one lens a day more if I can Acquire my first rate 2 lens repayment Get my initial tier 1 contact lens payment Get one connected with my lenses well-liked by a giant squid Get one regarding my lenses blessed by a squid angel Get one zoom lens to 100 complete Become a giant squid Make 20 in a single month Make 50 within a month Make 100 in a month Earn any Purple Star
Just what exactly do you think Are these goals realistic Let me update them when and if I complete every goal and combine goals throughout the concern.

If there are any other non-earners out there on digg who would like to take up the challenge with me and start their very own 1 year income lens please do just start out your 1 year difficult task lens tag this 365 squidoo and let me know and I will link to this right here

About Me

Rather then going on about the reason why I want to make money with Squidoo who here does not I thought I would let you know a little about how I plan to fit 365 times of Squidoo into my entire life. I have 3 kids Im 30 years older and I work outside of the home 6 times a week part time. Put simply I dont have a great deal of time on my hands at the very least free time whatever that is certainly Right now I have approximately one hour and a half available to me personally each day to work in this little challenge I think that is enough time to write just one lens each day . For the way it goes I may try to increase the time I spend working on my lenses or I might increase how many upgraded lenses I write we will see as time goes on but for now Let me try for a minimum of one daily.
In any free time i have I like to examine fantasy fiction as well as crime novels help to make websites play beginners guitar baking and meal decoration. I also such as organizing kids celebrations. All of which will probably turn up regularly in my lens..
365 Squidoo Experiment Method regarding My 365 Lenses

Besides publishing a standard zoom lens a day or 365 lenses in 365 days - whichever comes 1st I want to experiment with types of methods making lenses. Thus making this my list of buying and selling domains am planning on carrying out my lenses. We are dividing my upgraded lenses into blocks to try out the different methods men and women use to make the lenses and with luck in the process discovering what are the best methods to work with. Below is initially my plan it may alter... each number refers into a block of Twenty lenses published. web browser. no1 20 contacts using that method. no2 20 lenses by using their method and so on...
Certainly the results will not be noticeable for quite a few months but I am thinking long term here -

No Keyphrase research - This is the construct it and they will come process 20 lenses utilizing no keyword research by any means. Writing on issues as they pop in my head. May this method prove to be essentially profitable than different methods will it take more or less organic targeted traffic Done
Keyword Research While using the Keyword Tool Dominator Everyone of this batch regarding 20 lenses will likely be researched using Keyword Tool Dominator not an affiliate link How will these kinds of lenses stack up from other methods I personally use Which is the best keyword instrument
Keyword Research Using Market Samurai Another 20 lenses this time using the common Market Samurai tool online link . Testing to determine which is the better keyword research strategy if any be aware- they keyword research application in market samurai is provided for free.
Keyword Research Using Site visitors Travis 4 And another Something like 20 batch using Targeted traffic Travis 4 Keyword Research Tool. This tool is a bit buggy so I dont assume very accurate results but we will see
Something like 20 Lenses on One Matter I am dreading this one I dont mind composing on the same topic as long as its spread out although 20 lenses uninterruptedly all on devoted to one topic will likely be my toughest difficult task so far
20 Product or service Review Lenses I find product reviews hard to produce so this will be a different tough one personally trying to find the balance between promotion and excellent content selling without being too blatant over it and providing beneficial information to the target audience at the same time.
20 Facts Lenses 20 contacts that are purely content rich eg how to teach little ones to tie the shoes or something similar
Thats A hundred and forty lenses spoken intended for so far I will boost the list when I come up with more any suggestions are welcome merely leave me a remark at the bottom of the page
365 Updates
16082011 - Morning 5 10 contacts published in 5 days to weeks 5 Lenses squidliked simply by Giant Squids Thanks to Sylvestermouse Kab Rms and Franstan for helping myself to achieve one of my own first goals

23082011 Day 12 Merely completed my Twentieth lens Just a notice I will be using different methods for all my contact lenses most likely in prevents of 20. Regarding example 20 without keyword research 20 with keyword research etc. At the moment We have 7 lenses that fall within collection 3 none in teir 2 and nothing in teir 1 however

11092011 - Day Thirty one Well its been 4 weeks since my problem started and I believed I would add a minor update. I have been able to publish only Twenty eight lenses 3 in need of my goal for the calendar month. I will make most of these up in the next week because I really want to keep on track. Could not update my earnings until the official cash advance but I expect its going to be very low I havent manufactured any sales on my lenses yet as well as almost all of them are far too new to earn from the particular ad pool this specific month. Either way Ill be adding an making table to the standard zoom lens after payday that can keep track of lenses printed income gained.

19092011 - Day 13 Well payday comes and gone and also since this challenge didnt begin until August I have no earning in this payday. However I will be very happy to report that I actually made my primary Amazon sale through one of my lens You may notice that I am a little behind on my lenses however I will be catching up. I took time in the market to do some keyword research and organize my matters for my next lot of lenses i really expect to have caught up through next payday
Promoting Squidoo Lenses

Okay this can be the section that I am having the most difficulty together with at only one month straight into my 365 challenge We have come to the realization that I havent developed a plan for promoting my lenses or considered the time it will take to enhance them So I am going to ask you guys for a really big favour I need to find the best ways of promoting lenses and building traffic in order that I can test them available and find out what is most effective and document this here. It will not only help me but hopefully support anyone who reads this specific lens so if you possess a moment please help me with my 365 challenge by sharing the no 1 tip pertaining to lens promotion below
Make Money on Squidoo Fast Facts As I discover more about making money on Blogger I will add this what I have learned here

This section is for filling in rapid facts about making money with squidoo anything that My spouse and i come across that I did not know will be added while i go

Did You Know Completely new lenses that have been released less than a month dont earn any profits from the ad reveal pool. Your standard zoom lens must be published at minimum one month before it is permitted earn money from the swimming however you can still earn from any of the affiliate quests.
My Achievements

These may basically small achievements however i wanted to share all of them because they help to keep myself motivated with our lenses. I enjoy encouragement

Vintage telephoto mirror lenses Everyone who works in front of a computer needs to learn about understand along with internalize Computer Vision Affliction and its implications in order that one can protect ourselves against its damaging effects.
So many invest endless hours riveted to a computer screen or perhaps cell phone screen space never thinking to adopt a break or give their eyes obviously any good minute to rest. Other than being terrible for ones body thins behavior creates a host of trouble for ones eyes causing headaches red using eyes and frequently blurred vision.
Process for Computer Eye sight Syndrome is usually fairly standard. Any optometrist or optometrist might immediately advise these kind of four pointers-

You ought to take a five small eye-break every 30 minutes of computer work - this may not be negotiable.

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