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The sport of paintball has come a long way in a very short time regarding personal protective equipment. On one of my hub pages and web site I talk about the history of paintball and how they did not use any eye protection goggles or even glasses to protect them from being accidentally being shot in the face or eye. The Markers, the correct term for paintball gun where a lot more powerful then than they are today because we can regulate the speed of the paintball (round gel capsule fill with paint). Still. At 300 feet per second I want more than my eye protected hence the deployment of the paintball mask.

What to look for when find your paintball mask? The paintball mask is a very important part of your equipment new to play in a match or just with friends. A proper fit to your face is also important comfort to your face for hours of playing time without the mask cutting into your face or forehead is what you are looking for. Visibility, if you cannot see to shoot your opponent you will not last every long before being shot yourself and out of the match or game. Seating along the sideline waiting for the next game. Not much fun in that. Look for two things for dealing with these issues, a mask with a widest field of view that you can. This will let you have a greater side view of movement and less tunnel vision to keep from being blinded side from your opponent. The other is anti-fogging lens are available if you mask fogs up and you have to lift it from your face to let it air out or defog, you have exposed yourself to possible injury from being shot. If you are not shooting you are being shot at. If you are hit your are out no time out in this game. There is anti-fogging spray that you can use but, you need to us it before you start play it does not work as well after your lens start fogging up.

I would recommend not buying lens that are tinted for two reason. First it may not be sunny every time that you get a chance to play and second it seems that the paintball compound in the gel capsule have a adverse effect on tinted lens.

I have give a great amount of important to the eye protection and seeing rationale for a paintball mask and it deserves to greatest amount of talk but, what about the mouth and ears?

Have ever had your ear slicked in the coldest day of January by one of your friends in junior high? Well multiple that by ten or so, now you have so idea of what paint slatted along your ear would feel like. I do not think I would like what it would feel like if that same capsule of paint hit my top or lower lip.

You can now go out and find that perfect Paintball Mask for you. If you are looking to purchase your masks online I would first find a store near you and try on the different styles and sizes and make sure that when you do buy online you can return what you purchased online if it does not fit.

I work hard to support my family and keep them safe. I also enjoy the outdoors from hiking, camping, Paintball, fishing and hunting. I have hunted ever thing from squires and rabbits in Ohio and Alabama to Deer from woodcocks, quail and pheasant in Iowa, to Ruffle Grouse and Bears in Canada.

has hunting come too far to be fair, or even a sport?


i feel i am like a doe being sited in night vision;
i wonder which way to run, hesitate, and the decision
is made- for a shot rings much too close,
i'm in flight through bushes, over branches and fence posts.
will the hunter tire of the chase before the shot is true?
i wonder how he'd feel were he to wear hoofs, not shoes?
if i had those hiking boots, i'd feel so confined...
did you know without technology, all men are night-blind?
the hunters of old used arrows, not as cowardly as this,
though when a tribesman chose you it was never a near miss....

on and on i run, 'til the hunter? i think i lost him.
sure hope no other creature here takes a path that will cross him.
i stop in the open space just to see where my bearings are;
whish! thud! squish! hey- this hunter used his car!

Nice one... It is cute... Cut 'I feel' on your first line... It is as if you are unsure...

I am a doe being sited in night vision.

Just fine-tune the rest...

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