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Vixen 1.25" HR High Resolution Eyepiece - 2mm # 37133

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Important Agena Note: Depending on your telescope, this eyepiece may provide magnifications that are too high! While it can be very useful for viewing the Sun, Moon, brighter planets and terrestrial objects, it is not for everyone or for common viewing conditions. To get the most out of this eyepiece, you will need to have high quality telescope optics and very good seeing conditions.

See what Bill Paolini, author of Choosing and Using Eyepieces, says about the Vixen HR eyepieces:

"...after owning and using more than 300 different eyepieces and conducting numerous reviews, I have not been as thrilled with a planetary eyepiece since my first encounters with the Pentax XO... I now consider the Vixen HRs as a new best-in-class minimum glass planetary eyepiece...they are an excellent specialty eyepiece for lunar, planetary, and extremely tight double star observing. It has been a long time since anyone has produced a precision minimum glass premium planetary eyepiece, and with the Vixen HR lineup they have in my opinion definitely created serious contenders for some of the best specialty planetary eyepieces ever produced. Their high precision build, over-the-top attention to light suppression and scatter and contrast, comfortable eye relief, very positive focus snap, and uncompromising views make it, in my humble opinion, an optical and engineering work of art."

Read Bill's full review of the Vixen HR Eyepieces on here.


Vixen's HR-series eyepieces are designed for very high power observations of subtle differences of the surface of the planets. The high resolution eyepieces deliver breathtaking, superb images with extremely high level of definition and contrast when used under suitable conditions and with the right equipment*.

Approx. 100% Strehl ratio on the axis

The resolving power outperforms similar eyepieces designed for planetary viewing. The HR-series maintains more than a 97% Strehl ratio to the edge of the field of view when combined with a Vixen AX103S refractor. In comparison, the ratio is about 90% with the use of a standard LV2.5mm eyepiece.

Suitable for Newtonian telescopes with fast primary mirrors

The HR-series work extremely well with the Vixen R200SS telescope as it has the ability to correct coma aberration. Even at the edge of the field of view, the HR-series have a 93% Strehl ratio. In comparison the Strehl ratio with use of the LV2.5mm falls rapidly as the viewing object is moved toward the edge of the field of view. The ratio is only 93% at a fifth from the center and 0% at the edge. Conventional eyepiece specifications merely show the performancewhen an object is put in the center of the field of view of the eyepiece. As a result, the resolving power declines as you move toward the edge of the field of view. The HR-series are best suited for observing the surface of the moon to extend your view to the entire field of view.

Simple 5 elements in 3 groups lens design

While most eyepieces are constructed from 7 or 8 lens elements, the Vixen HR-series eyepieces are constructed with 5 lens elements design to achieve the largest possible transmission of light. The absorption and reflection of light are virtually eliminated.

Enhanced light transmission characteristics

The Vixen AS-coating achieves extremely high light transmission of 99.9% per lens surface. It is appliedto each of the surfaces to deliver extremely high contrast images.

Complete stray light correction

The grooved lens frame construction contributes to the reduction of stray light. The inside of the eyepiece is perfectly threaded and blackened to prevent deterioration of the image from stray light. The inner baffle rings effectively stop any stray light. Even a hint of reflection which might occur on the tip of the sleeve is eliminated.

Quality product that is Made in Japan.

Manufacturer part number: 37133


Note: Occasionally, the product you receive might have a slightly different cosmetic appearance or labeling than what is shown. This can often change from batch to batch according to the whims of the manufacturer. However, you will always receive a brand new, original product as described above.

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