Vixen VC200L Telescope and Sphinx SXD Mount

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The VISAC provides high-definition star images to the edge of a wide viewing field and offers exceptionally outstanding performance in astrophotography.Even at the edge of the 35mm film format (larger CCD chips) stars are sharp ( smaller than 15 micrometers) This is smaller than the resolution of fine quality CCD cameras, which means that the telescope does not limit the image quality.With its elaborate aspherical optical design it achieves an excellent image correction throughout the large illuminated field. (42mm diameter fully illuminated) With the f/6.4 reducer you get much shorter exposure times. The reducer is a highly recommended optional accessory. Vixen's Sphinx SXD Mount features the STAR BOOK hand controller for a system designed with Astrophotographers in mind. The SXD Mount has a loading capacity of 50 pounds. The smooth RA and DEC axes provide increase your viewing experience. Package contains VC200L, Sphinx SXD Mount, 7x50 Finder Scope and bracket, Flip Mirror, NLV25mm Eyepiece, and counterweights.


  • Vixen 8" f/9.0 highly corrected specialized telescope for astro imaging
  • VISAC - Vixen Six Order Aspherical Cassegrain
  • Sphinx SXD Mount with the built in star chart STAR BOOK Hand Controller
  • Precise Polar Axis scope and sturdy tripod

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