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Step up/down Voltage Converter Kits - A Must for Frequent Travelers

Are you always on the go with business trips and leisure vacations lined up in your schedule? As you travel, you would surely require many electronic appliances like electric shavers, electric tooth brushes, curlers, travel irons, and many more. You no longer have to buy electronic appliances in the country you have travelled to, as you can use your own electronic devices. Just stock up on the right type of step up voltage converters and adapters that make your electronic devices compatible with the voltage and plug-in of the country you are travelling to.

LiteFuzeVoltageConverters.com offers a wide range of step up voltage converters, step up/down transformers, regulators, and plug adapters that help combat voltage differences when travelling abroad.

The step down voltage converter kit with plugs from LiteFuzeVoltageConverters.com is a resourceful kit that comprises of a step down voltage converter and 5 different plug adapters. The step down voltage converter in the kit can step down current from 220/240V to 110/120V to facilitate functioning of appliances set for standard US voltage. The five plug adapters can change the plug type of electronic appliances to suit plug-ins of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North & South America, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Middle East, Great Britain, and Hong Kong. All electrical appliances can be connected to output plug-ins with the help of these plug adapters.

Two selectable settings are available in the 240V to 110V voltage converter, namely 1600 W and the 50 W selection modes. The high mode supports 1600 watt appliances such as heat generating irons, curlers, hairdryers, and so on. The 50 watt voltage converter can be used for 50 wattage appliances like electric shavers, battery chargers, cell phone chargers, and more. This compact kit is completely fuse protected for safe usage.

Carrying a step down voltage converter kit with plugs will save lot of time and money. Get set to leave your electrical troubles behind while travelling with the help of step up/down voltage converters.

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Can anyone recommend a reliable international voltage converter?


I am traveling from the USA to Germany and a few other nations in western Europe in a few weeks and need some advice on international power plugs / converters. I will have a rather expensive laptop with me, as well as a few smaller items (cell phone charger, camera charger) that I very much want to be protected. It seems simple enough to find the actual adapter plug kits, but I have been having trouble finding a good voltage converter. Suggestions?


You probably don't need a voltage converer. My camera adaptors and laptop adaptors just plug into the wall and go. Look at the adaptor - if it says something like 100 - 240 V; 50 - 0 Hz, then it will work in both countries with just the plug adaptors. Most modern power supplies for electronics work on both voltage/frequency standards.

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