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If you travel to other countries frequently, then you realize what a hassle it is to take small appliances or electronics with you due to voltage differences. One country might use a standard of 110 to 120 volts while another might have a voltage range of 210 to 230 volts. In these cases, voltage converters (often called voltage transformers) can help solve the problem and save you money when traveling.

Voltage differences can make it difficult to take along needful items such as hairdryers, irons, electric shavers, alarm clocks, and even entertainment products such as DVD players, VCRs, or TVs. All electrical products require a certain amount of voltage to operate. Most manufacturers develop products based on the standard voltage for the particular country where the items will be sold. Without the proper voltage, these items are useless in other countries.

Even code free DVD players (region free) do not always have the correct voltage for where you are traveling. Though these might be designed for PAL or NTSC formats, this doesn't mean the voltage will match the standard range for the country you plan to visit. To enhance your entertainment even further, you might also want to take along a multisystem TV, which will possibly require a voltage converter.

What is a Voltage Converter?

A voltage converter is a device used to increase or reduce the amount of voltage going from an electrical item to an outlet. It allows for the use of a product from one geographical region to another region when the standard voltage ranges differ. Some voltage converters double the amount of voltage (step up) while others cut it by half (step down). Many converters today can do both.

When buying a voltage converter, find out the standard voltage of the hotel where you plan to lodge. You'll need to know the voltage of your electrical appliance as well as the voltage of the outlets in that particular country. A step up voltage converter will convert the voltage from 110 volts to 230 volts. A step down converter will convert the voltage from 230 volts to 110 volts. Converters are labeled to display their capabilities, such as "110V to 220V Converter."

Voltage converters also vary by the amount of wattage, which can be more or less with different types of appliances. Non-heating items and electric shavers require only a 50-watt voltage converter while items that heat up (such as curling irons, clothes irons, and hair dryers) will likely need at least a 1600-watt converter.

If you plan to take with you a multisystem TV or a multisystem LCD TV, you'll need a voltage converter that is more powerful than the wattage indicated at the rear of your TV set. This is because TVs create a surge when turned on and this could damage the converter. Remember - always turn your converter to the correct voltage before plugging it in!

Check the wattage needed for other larger electronics such as your region free or code free DVD player, VCR, computer, CD player, or even a camcorder. When buying a voltage converter, be sure to get other accessories you'll need with it such as plug end adaptors (for various types of outlets in other countries). You might also want to invest in a universal surge suppressor. Some brand names for voltage converters include Simran, Regvolt, Travelarts, Tripplite, and others.

Electrical problems should be the least of your worries when traveling! A voltage converter can save you time and money when traveling. You can take along all your favorite electrical items and avoid buying new ones when you arrive at your destination. Go online for affordable voltage converters or transformers, multisystem TVs, code free DVD players, and more.

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How can I convert voltage from 110V to 230V in headphone amp?

I live in Poland, Europe, but I would like to buy me an American headphone amp but voltage and frequency seems to be an issue. American voltage is more-less 110V and European is more-less 230V. I don't know too much about frequency. How can I use American amps in Europe? Does a simple voltage converter/transformer do a trick or should I expect hum, noise or big boooom. Please help me if you know more about this.

This is just the power supply voltage, so a American to European Voltage converter will suffice.

How to use LiteFuze VT-500 500 Watt Step Up/Down Voltage Converter/Transformer

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