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?Application scenes?To connect PC/Laptop and
the Control Handle of Skywatcher GOTO
mounts. Works well with models like Heq5 pro, Azeq5, Azeq6, and Eq6-R. It is NOT the cable for connecting the
Control Handle and Skywatcher Telescope.

?Adapter Cable?6-FT cable. USB to RJ45 Adapter Cable. Built in FTDI chip.

?Supported OS?Support all windows
version Win7/8/10/XP/, and iOS/Linux/Android. Windows
10 and Ubuntu-Mate 18.04 automatically identify the cable and register the
serial port out of the box, no manual driver download needed.

?APP & Driver?1. Compatible with ASCOM
programs like PHD2 and AstroTortilla, with the EQMOD drivers in Windows (ASCOM)
or Linux (INDI), with EQMOD, StellariumScope, and Stellarium, with AstroPhoto
Tool program (APT). 2.In order to use EQMOD, you may have to find the new port
assigned by Windows, or use the search button on the EQMOD setup screen to find
it for you.

?Fast Delivery?Inventory in USA.


Not made by Skywatcher. 1 year warranty.

1.The USB console
cable, to control Skywatcher GOTO Equatorial Telescope.

2.Works well with Heq5 pro, Azeq5, Azeq6, Eq6-R, and so on.

3.If necessary, or the cable not working, please
download the latest drivers from  and install it.

from this cable:

1.There are several reasons one would want to
control their telescope with a PC:

2.It is faster than using the hand controller.

3.It gives you a visual aid when searching for
something hard to find.

4.If you find something unknown, the
planetarium software will be able to identify it.

5.It is a necessity if you plan on imaging
anything for longer than a single quick exposure.

wicked cool.

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