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How are x-ray telescopes used to show the different stages of a star's life?

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Also How visual telescope show the temperature and luminosity of stars, which are grouped together because of similarities because of their different life stages which are the main sequence stage, white dwarf, red and super giant stars?

X-rays don't make it to Earth, so all the x-ray telescopes are in space. Since space telescopes are expensive, it's possible to name them all. They are Chandra, XMM Newton, and Hinode. This last is looking at the Sun. x-rays are emitted by very hot and energetic phenomenon. So they can be used to spot jets from black holes, neutron stars, and stars at their birth, as well as novae, supernovae and hypernovae. Not sure how much you get from main sequence stars in the xray part of the spectrum. Fortunately, there are telescopes in other wavelengths to help.

If you plot the light curve of a star over the spectrum, you get a classic shape. The peak frequency of light is related to temperature. Not all stars have luminosity peaks in the visual range. The Sun does. But very big and bright stars might peak in the ultraviolet, and small dim stars might peak in the infrared.

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