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William Optics 1.25" Binoviewer with Two 20mm Eyepieces & 1.6x Barlow

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Important Note: For users intending to remove the WO binoviewer nosepiece for use with Baader or other T2 diagonals, please note that from Feb of this year, WO has started gluing the 1.25" nosepiece to the body (to prevent frequent removals that strip the threads), and the nosepiece can no longer be unscrewed. If you have a WO binoviewer purchased before Feb, the nosepiece should be removable. So please check your unit before you consider any configuration changes that require the removal of the nosepiece. All of our stock is of the new type and the nosepiece cannot be unscrewed.

William Optics does it better and especially cheaper! Until today, you could choose only between high-end expensive binoviewers or monocular eyepiece observation. Today you can enjoy the benefits of BaK4 quality binoviewers in your refractor, Newtonian or SCT scope with a convenient package including:

• 1.25" Binoviewer with anti-marring compression rings
• 2x William Optics 20 mm WA 66 deg. eyepieces included
• 1.6x Barlow nosepiece for easier focusing with most telescopes! It can be mounted on other eyepieces too!
• Exclusive gift box.

The price is very inviting, but the experience of two-eye viewing is even better!

WO Fit & Finish
• Large chromed thumbscrews and anodized aluminum.
• A very useful optional 2x Barlow/Corrector and Extender are available separately for telescopes with special back-focus issues.

BAK4 Prisms
• Only high-quality BaK4 prisms with 20mm clear aperture for maximum brightness and contrast with any telescope.
• Fully Multi Coated.
• Anti-marring brass ompression rings for your eyepieces.
• Individual eyepiece focus adjustment.

Choose the Best! Best price!
• The best quality-prism 1.25" Binoviewers package out there at this price point!

Prism material: BaK-4 FMC
IP Accomodation: 53mm to 75mm
Clear Aperture: 20.2mm
E.P. holders: Helical focusing, compression rings
Dimensions: 120mm x 112mm x 42mm
Optical Path: 100mm (4")
Weight: approx. 18.35 oz (without eyepieces)

Please note: There are very good binoviewers at an excellent price point. However, please note that minor imperfections like slight ghost images/reflections (especially during daytime terrestrial viewing) or slight differences in the color of the prism coatings may be present and are not treated as defects. You will see the same issues with virtually all binoviewers sold on the market for under $500. We have sold many pieces of this item to very satisfied customers over the years, but those looking for 100% perfection might want to consider other binoviewers costing 3-4 times as much. As WO puts it, "You cannot get Mercedez quality for Toyota prices."


Note: Occasionally, the product you receive might have a slightly different cosmetic appearance or labeling than what is shown. This can often change from batch to batch according to the whims of the manufacturer. However, you will always receive a brand new, original product as described above.

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