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William Optics 2" 99% Dura Bright RotoLock Mirror Diagonal for Refractors

William Optics 2" 99% Dura Bright RotoLock Mirror Diagonal for Refractors

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Please note: The box that you receive this diagonal in will have scratches/scuff marks and even tears on the side. The plastic bag that the diagonal is wrapped in may have a small a tear or two. These are brand new as received from William Optics, and these are not used, returned or seconds as some may suspect. See the last two product photos above for representative box conditions.

Introducing the New William Optics 2015 Dura-Bright diagonal with RotoLock # D-DIG2D-ROTO-A2 - a dramatic step forward in the evolution of mirror diagonals! This diagonal combines William Optics' excellent 2" Dura-Bright diagonal with their new 2" RotoLock eyepiece holder.

Thoughtfully designed, exquisitely machined, and artfully presented, the RotoLock eyepiece holder provides a very convenient and robust method to attach eyepieces and accessories to your telescope. Just rotate the golden grip ring clockwise to lock any inserted eyepiece or accessory, or counter-clockwise to release the accessory. Innovative design ensures that you get a very solid hold and the accessory is perfectly centered every time. No thumbscrews to worry about!

This 90° 2"mirror-type star diagonal has a Dura-Bright 12mm thick mirror, 1/12 or better wave surface accuracy, and dielectric mirror coatings for 99% reflectivity which provides higher contrast and resolution during critical planetary, lunar and binary star observations. Features a 2" nosepiece for insertion into refractor telescopes and other 2" focuser barrels.

Dura-Bright features 100% real carbon fiber side plates that add that touch of class your scope deserves. 1.25" Rotolock eyepiece adapter sold separately.

The WO 2" Dura-Bright Diagonal was designed with several unique features to provide optimum performance and years of use.

Top-Notch Performance and brightness

  • Dielectric coating allows 99% reflectivity.
  • High precision 12mm thick mirror substrate flat for optimal image stability.
  • Polished to 1/12th wave accuracy.
  • Accurate design guarantees constant alignment. No further alignment needed.

Strikingly Beautiful

  • Patented, elegant design.
  • High-quality machining out of the best aluminum.
  • Internal anti-reflection baffling for highest contrast.
  • Real Carbon Fiber side plates

Superbly Constructed

  • Compression ring to prevent barrels from marring.
  • Internal safety stop prevents 2" barrels from hitting the mirror.
  • Threaded for 48mm filters.

Additional specifications

  • Weight = 1lb-1.2oz. (487g)

Note: Occasionally, the product you receive might have a slightly different cosmetic appearance or labeling than what is shown. This can often change from batch to batch according to the whims of the manufacturer. However, you will always receive a brand new, original product as described above.

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