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William Optics P-Flat 68 Field Flattener for FLT 110 and FLT 132 Refractors 

This high-quality flattener with 68mm of free aperture has been engineered and CNC machined for usage with William Optics' FLT-98, FLT-110 & FLT-132 Apo refractors. 

Designed by leading designer Thomas Back for William Optics' FLT line, it will yield amazing results! It's a must-have item for avid astroimagers. 


  • Triplet design lens will not degrade the performance of your FLT.
  • Suitable for both the FLT-110 TEC and the FLT-110 versions, FLT98DDG, FLT132DDG and many other telescopes.

Camera Adapters

  • 35mm SLR Camera adapter and CCD camera adapter INCLUDED in the price!

35mm Cameras

  • Ideal for 35mm film/full-size chips/ CCD cameras with large format sensors.
  • New type 35mm SLR Camera adapter INCLUDED in the price!
  • With mounted T ring adapter, the lens-to-chip distance is automatically correct for (D)SLR cameras.


  • It will flatten the field amazingly well and finally make you see those stars round!
  • Threaded for 2" filters (48mm thread).
  • WO FLT telescopes connection thread allows using the full aperture of 68mm.

Manufactured in Taiwan

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