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Interesting Facts About Window Shades

Window shades give a very unique and distinctive design to your home. They also help the homeowners to lessen their energy cost by keeping and allowing the use of natural sunlight. Window shades provide warm and comfortable ambiance to keep you relaxed as you stay in your room.

Window shades are available in an extensive collection of styles, colors, and designs. They are created from a plethora of textures, materials, and sizes, too. So whether you want to control the sunrays or utterly thwart it out, window shades can grant you with generous options. You can either give your home surroundings a simple, clear-cut look or a sophisticated effect.

Giving you much needed privacy, window shades can aid you lessen your electric costs by allowing the use of natural sunlight. The solar window shade permits sunlight to enter the room and if you desire to have less light, you can easily pull down the chain cord. Those made of bamboo, even entirely closed, let small amounts of sunlight to touch portions of your room. Cloth woven or sheltered window shades that slightly drag up allow ample light to flow through at the underside. Regulating the amount of sunlight escaping into your room all through daytime hours, aids in causing the preferred aura.

Likewise, window shades are wonderful, versatile ornaments of a home. They can go well together with practically all styles of decorations and architecture. They can be solid or patterned, curved or leveled, and opaque or clear. Shades can also be plain and clean lined or can be greatly enhanced and elaborately shaped. There are special types of window shades for different kinds of settings. Shades of assorted types normally express diverse meanings. It may be comfortable and relaxed, sleek and modern, warm and homey, and the like. You can decide what nature of looks you want in your room. They are adornments that enable people to quite discern who you are, too.

Here are some of most popular window shades:
Thermal Roman Shades
These include roman shades, bamboo roman, and fabric roman shades. The sizes alter depending on the height of your window.
• protects your residence from the cold and heat
• 100% cotton duck
• room darkening thermal panes
• Optional 7 inches valance
• Window needs to be 1-3/4 inches deep for flush interior support.
• Auto-locking pull twine

Cordless Cellular Shade
• Complete cordless, insulating and privacy solution
• To lower or lift, hold the bottom rail and arrange the shade right where you want

Saratoga Blackout Roller Shade
• Printed vinyl having a fabric appearance
• Precisely trimmed to the width required (15 inches to 73-1/4 inches wide)
• Tough spring roller device enables for modifying shade to any desired elevation
• Obstructs and controls natural light to allow privacy
• Has fringed or infringed base hem
• Has length suited to windows that are 66 inches long
• Window must be no less that ¾ inches in depth for interior mount and 2-1/4 inches depth for flush interior mount

Closeout Montana Roman shades
• Automatic lock cord allows for lowering or raising the unit to preferred height
• Includes installation hardware and vacuum for trouble-free cleaning
• 7/8 inches deep for inside mount and 1-5/8 inches deep for flush mount

Cordless Pleated Shade
• Can be easily lifted and dropped by means of manually moving the shade and requires no cords. This makes it a perfect alternative for homes with little kids.
• Fitted tension spring allows for easy shift of the shade
• Lets a little amount of light to go through
• Window ought to be no less than 1-3/8 inches deep for interior mount and 2-1/4 inches for flush mount

Best selling Savannah Roman Shade
• Made of lightweight, 100% polyester
• Shades are light-filtering and have a non-woven backing to help provide privacy and light control
• Includes attached 7" valance
• Window must be at least 3/8 inches D for interior mount and 1-3/8 inches D for flush interior mount
• Pull cord with auto-lock mechanism controls unit height

Kennedy Bamboo Grommet-top Panels
• Made from 100% bamboo
• Bamboo is a renewable natural resource
• Hang on decorative rod or pole
Corsica Sheer
• Sheer voile with a splendid jacquard stripe plus a fastened scroll style
• Washable polyester
• Well-ventilated, soft and accepts natural light
• provides a modern French Provencal touch

Custom Quincy Roman
• With the lavish touch of silk
• Highlighted with beaded fringe trim
• Automatic locking pull twine

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Can I mount a window air conditioner sideways? Will it work?

All the windows in my house are the old fashioned double-pane windows with small 1'x8" vent openings; the few regular windows I have are not wide enough to support an air conditioner. I realize that they make models that are meant for vertical installation, and models that sit inside the room and vent out the back similar to a dryer hose, however I am on a budget & can't find any nice used units of either of the type for the price I am willing to pay. I was recently given a unit, however it is designed to mount horizontal & will not fit in my window. If I mount it vertically, will it work correctly? From what I gather some say it will work, others say no... this is an older Fedders brand unit (mid '80s?)--It works fine & hasn't really been used much... If it will work sideways that will solve my problem (so what if they controls are sideways 😉

It should work. The potential problem is with water/condensate drainage. All ACs drip condensate water. There is often a "drip point" (either a hole or spout shape) to accommodate this. Look at the back (outside) bottom of the unit in the horizontal position and see if there is something there. You may have to (CAREFULLY!) drill a drain hole for the "vertical" position. Also, when you mount it, be sure that it leans slightly "downhill" to expedite drainage.

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