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I use Cubase on any music recording software. All tracks are recorded dry, I use a compressor limiter on all inputs just to prevent clipping.

I always record the drums first, using track one. Match the tempo to the drum track. Import pre recorded drums as audio, If you use a midi based drum machine record it to real audio because the realtime audio processing power of plugins.

I use waves trueverb to give a lot of ambience, the slower the tempo the bigger the space or room size. You can copy the track and paste it to track two to thicken things up depending on what you have already. Sometimes if I use a pre recorded drum track I will import a bigger snare drum

Sound into another track and apply more reverb, this will give a beautiful big trail but not make a mess of the rest of the drums, the last thing you want is a big reverb on the bass drum. I may use this technique on slower ballads and songs where there is enough space. A good example of this is on my track called " I Was An Island" from the cd "Under The Northern Lights".

The next available track will be dedicated to bass. No reverb ever on the bass, I compress the bass using waves rbass plugin. This plugin is very clever and has some very useful presets.

The next available track will be for rhythm guitar or acoustic guitar.

Again I use the waves plugin raxx to compress. Some nice reverb and the same type of ambience as is set for the drums as with all the tracks,

Any keyboard parts will be on the next available track. If it is strings I would use a lot of reverb to give give them a distant airy feel.

All reverb is added after not on input. Just to maintain total control at the mixing stage.

I will then record electric guitars and lead guitars on the following available tracks. I mic up a mesa boogie rocket 44 loaded with jj valves, I mic ti closely

With the mic pointing at the outer edge of the speaker cone and have the mic at a slight angle. The mic I use is a Rode n2, this is a full range mic 20hz -20 khz any mic could be used although I prefer the Rode or at least a sure sm57.

Vocals, are recorded using the Rode n2, always use a pop screen, if you haven't got a pop screen then make one out of a coat hanger and a pair of tights. You must have a pop screen when recording vocals.

I would use waves rvox plug in which is a compressor and some reverb and maybe waves doubler to add a little double tracking.

That's it, I will mix the song as I go along so that the mixing stage is just fine tuning.

Chris Adams website.

What do you think is the best class in World of Warcraft?

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make a dwarf hunter you get a shotgun at the beginning and u get stoneform which helps you fet rid of poisons.

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