World Class Museum

Rather than making a trip where the nightlife is crazy and a person may need a bail bond Las Vegas, women could choose to take a girls' only vacation to alternative places. Needing bail bonds Las Vegas would ruin a trip and quite possibly have a lasting impact on the person in need. Selecting a destination that is a safer bet with amazing things to do and see is a much better option for women traveling together. Four locations that would provide this type of vacation are weekend trips to New York City, Scottsdale, Charleston and San Diego.

When ladies take the time to get away for a weekend with their girlfriends, they want time to connect with their friends, have time to themselves and time to explore new things. New York City provides ample amount of time to three of these activities. This city is easily accessible from most airports with direct non-stop flights. There are hundreds of hotels that offer a wide variety of amenities and services all over Manhattan. Women can choose to explore many of the large tourist attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero or Museum of Modern Art. They could opt to forgo these sites and spend the weekend shopping and browsing the many stores, outdoor markets and local galleries. In addition to these activities, their weekend could be filled with sampling foods from around the world, tasting varieties of coffees and teas and enjoying breads, pastries and desserts from world class chefs.

A second place that is ideal for a ladies only weekend is a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona. The weather here provides sunshine and warmth for most of the year. There are numerous spas and theme packages that are perfect for women trying to escape and relax with their friends. Some of the theme getaways include fitness resorts, cooking schools and mind/body wellness retreats. The spa vacations are the best way for women to physically and mentally rejuvenate themselves with their girlfriends. This type of trip includes massage, facials, detoxification and exfoliation. These type of treatments allow women to relax while improving the look and feel of their bodies and skin.

Another wonderful destination for women is a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. This city is situated close enough to the ocean for it to be a beach trip while providing world class shopping and eateries. Women could rent a beach home in nearby Folly Beach to enjoy the surf, sand and sun. It only takes fifteen minutes by car to get to downtown Charleston's shopping district. There they could eat in restaurants whose kitchens are run by celebrity chefs and shop in stores featuring designers from around the world. This type of trip provides a great combination beach and city experience that is perfect for a group of women vacationing together.

A fourth city that is perfect for a girls' trip is southern California's beautiful city of San Diego. This city gives women the perfect beach trip with amazing surf, great shopping, wonderful restaurants and easy access to many beach towns. All of these little towns have different kinds of shopping and food. San Diego is filled with true California style and offers many things that make for an awesome girls' weekend getaway.

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I'm going to teach The life of Joseph Stalin to my World History class through a Museum brouchure. What can...

....I say in my brochure to grab attention about Joseph Stalin. I don't want the class to just read, and get bored. I want my brochure to be interactive.


You can begin by mentioning how many people died in Russia by his order or under his rule as a consequence of it

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