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For sale is a unique amateur made Zeiss branded brass refractor telescope.
Note that the telescope itself is not made by Zeiss! The lens assembly is from Zeiss and was attached to a high quality brass tube assembly by an amateur. The Zeiss logo was glued on there.

This is NOT a genuine Zeiss product!

The lens assembly is a Carl Zeiss Jena 45cm f/9 Apo-Tessar turning this
unique optical instrument into a 50mm / 450mm APO travel telescope.
Based on the serial number and font, the lens is likely from 1929 from
Carl Zeiss Jena. This was before the company was split up into two after
1945. The lens is from a large format camera and features a 4 lens
design with a manually adjustable aperture. Changing the aperture is an
incredibly smooth process, especially considering that this lens
assembly has survived since 1928!
Focusing the telescope is accomplished via a combination of the included
helical focuser and by changing the draw tube length. The helical
focuser accepts 1.25" eyepieces.
The tube can be used on an EQ2 or similar mount and fits clamps used in
those 60/910 refactors. I used to attach the tube on a Takahashi FS-60
clamp using the included microfiber cloths which worked fine.
I have very little experience with (non-Takahashi) doublets, but I judge the
optical quality of this telescope between a modern doublet and a modern
Good used condition. Please see pictures. Optics are fine for their age. No damage, deep scratches or fungus.
Why am I selling this gem? It is heavy for its size! I am used to the
lightweight FS-60 and just find myself not using this brass instrument.
Furthermore, the cool down in cold northern climates is a nightmare for
me (I am having very little patience in the cold). I remember that after
30 min of cool-down at an outside temperature of 20F I could still see
an impossible amount of turbulence.
All packed up and ready for Christmas shipping!

I have Zeiss eyepieces available if you are interested.

Item sold AS-IS. Sold as defective. No returns accepted.

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