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zhumell z12 12" dobsonian telescope romer optics hardware straps cover telrad. Condition is Used. Local pickup only.
Some dents and dings. Good planetary views. Ring Nebula, clusters are OK in my light polluted backyard.
This Z12 has TO GO andt make room for a GOTO telescope. My better half agreed that if I sell, I can use the funds to move a more portable 10 inch GOTO into our life. 
Yes, if you are an Amateur Astronomer, you would agree that the Z12, although it is a LIGHT BUCKET, is not the telescope for the faint at heart, as it is HEAVY and can be a pain in the arse to move, from place to place.
You see, the telescope that you can move, is the one you are going to use the most often. After joining with a few Astronomy clubs, and using our scopes, the Z12 becomes superfluous. Although I have spent quite a sum of money on this telescope, so it goes with any hobby, that my loss, is YOUR GAIN.
Now, for more good news. I am 58 years old, and in fair to good health. And find that using the custom velcro straps, the telescope is easy for me to maneuver, in and out of the house. Although with Fritz, the cat, we require at least two people to man the door, all in an effort to keep the inside cat, well, inside!
I have already customized this telescope to incorporate Romer Optics EZ Push To. The Romer Optics hardware is included in this sale. You will have to source the software, for your smart phone, yourself. The software app is NOT included, as I have no idea if I can legally transfer the license, or not. You have to obtain the software, yourself. I recommend you contact ROMER, before you bid, buy, or otherwise consider this or any telescope modified with ROMER OPTICS EZ PUSH TO.
The mirror, of course, has been in the field and in service for over a year, now. If you want SUPERIOR performance, then have it professionally cleaned. I do NOT recommend you do this yourself. Having said, the mirror, in its current condition, which is pretty much flawless, less the dust of the outside world, will not impede your view of the night sky. The only mark I have ever seen, is the installers mark, which is a small black marker, noted for installation.
Very cool, by the way, is that there is a small circle, on the mirror, which will assist you in collimation.
This telescope is NOT for beginners. If you have a bad back, shy away, now, before it is too late!The telescope MUST be moved separately from the lazy susan stand (sold together, of course!)
What is included?
TelradDust ShroudCustom Velcro StrapsTelescope Tube and StandRomer EZ Push To HardwareBob's Knobs on the Secondary Mirror30mm Fully Multi Coated Widefield 2" Eyepiece

What is NOT included?Shipping. This is pick-up only.
Having said, if you are local to me, I can meet you half way.Email, thru eBay, as to your location if you want me to do a FREE drop-off, after your successful BID, or BUY IT NOW.
Fritz the Cat, being solely responsible for the first ding in the telescope, is NOT included in this offer.
You can do your own research on Cloudy Nights, Astromart, Amazon, or even eBay. The most interesting factoid I found was this, on Amazon:

  • A durable, sturdy construction means your Zhumell will stand up to years of use at public star parties, camping trips, and more

Remember, the weight of this telescope translates into:"The scope that you can move is the one you will use the most!"
Now, let's get down to your eBay savings, shall we?
I figure that I've spent over $1,100 on this telescope, including the Z12, of course, the custom velcro handles, dust shroud, Romer Optics EZ Push To hardware conversion, Bob's Knobs, and TELRAD. The winning competitive bid will save ALMOST HALF OFF RETAIL.
BUY IT NOW, and save 25 PERCENT.
If you are local to me, consider your savings in gas, and tolls, when I meet you half-way, with your Z12 Zhumell 12" Dobsonian, EZ Push To from Romer, shroud, Bob's Knobs, Custom Velcro Straps, and a 30mm Fully Multi Coated Widefield 2" Eyepiece.
Fritz the Cat Approved.
Fritz not included in this sale.

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