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ZWO ASI1600MC Cooled Color CMOS Imaging Camera

Regulated Two Stage TEC Cooling!

The cooled version of the ZWO ASI1600MC camera allows the sensor to
be cooled to 35C to 40C degrees below ambient. Below are the extra
features that can be found on the camera body, specifically related to
the cooling feature:

  • Just below the USB hub (dual 2.0 Out and 3.0 In), you'll find a
    2.1 mm center positive input for a cooler power supply (not included).
    ZWO recommends 12VDC at 2A max
  • Below the power supply input is a Cooler Power indicator LED light
  • A huge heat sink, which is nearly 2/3 the size of the camera, is located on the side of the body
  • The top of the camera sports a MagLev fan, which utilizes the
    attraction of the magnetic levitation force for low acoustic noise, high
    temperature endurance, and long life.

More on the ZWO ASI1600MC Color Imaging Camera

The ZWO ASI1600MC is the first camera by ZWO that is designed
specifically for deep-sky imaging, but it also does a great job on the
planets as well! The ASI1600MC uses a color 4/3" CMOS 16 MP sensor with
a 4656 x 3520 array of 3.8um pixels. This sensor has extremely low
read noise of 1.2e and has a maximum of 23 FPS at full resolution.

The ZWO ASI1600MC body has been updated to include a removable M42
adapter that can reduce back focus to just 6.5 mm. Besides the cooling
fan, a high speed USB hub and AR window are also features of this ZWO
DSO camera. The included software is compatible with Mac, Windows, and
Linux operating systems. Everything you will need to control your ZWO
camera is available and easily downloadable in one centralized location
on the ZWO website. Click here for ZWO Software Downloads.

ZWO ASI1600 Sensor Features

  • Sensor: 4/3" Color CMOS
  • Resolution: 16M
  • Diagonal: 21.9 mm
  • Image Array: 4656x3520
  • Pixel Size:
  • Max Frame Rate at Full Resolution: 23 FPS
  • Window: AR
  • USB Hub: Yes
  • Exposure Range: 32us - 2000s
  • Read Noise: 1.2e at 30db gain
  • Full Well: 20ke
  • Back Focus Distance: 6.5 mm
  • Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
  • ADC: 12bit
  • Adapter: 2” to 1.25”/M42 x 0.75
  • Dimensions: 62 mm Diameter by 41 mm
  • Cooling: Regulated Two Stage TEC
  • Delta T: 40-45 below ambient
  • Cooler Power Consumption: 12V at 2A Max
  • Weight: 410g
  • Working Temperature: -5ºC - 45ºC
  • Working Relative Humidity: 20% - 80%

Please Note: We recommend a 12V at 2.5A or more DC adapter and a battery from 9-15V to power your cooler.

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